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4 P'S for Winter

Plan to Plant the 4 P's – pansy, poppy, primula and petunia for instant winter colour!



Considered by many to be the best bedding plant in the world, pansies are an integral component of any winter garden. Come spring, their flower power is at its peak and their strikingly bold faces seem to shout out to all that winter is almost over and it is time for flowers to rule once again. Pansies are one of the few bedding plants that flower well during winter and continue into spring, even in very cold areas.

Planted from Autumn, through winter, pansies make ideal bedding plants. Their stature, eye-catching blooms and floriferous nature make them perfect for just about anywhere in the garden, including containers and hanging baskets. As can be expected from such a popular bedding plant, there is a wide range of colours to choose from – from subtle shades of pink and blue through to antique mixes and bold reds and yellows.



If it’s the ‘wow’ factor you’re after, then Iceland poppies are just the thing. The most popular poppy for good reason, if planted from April in autumn temperatures, they’ll transform your garden into a winter wonderland.

Poppies offer their best display when planted early in the season, soon providing blooms that will keep appearing right through to late spring.

Because they are quite drought tolerant once established, they are also useful water-wise annuals to add colour in the garden. They are essential in butterfly and bee gardens. They make a great impact if many are planted in large garden beds and borders. Poppies love gardeners who pick for the vase – the more you pick them, the more they flower!



Petunias are the perfect way to brighten up your winter garden. With their vivid flowers in a kaleidoscopic range of colours, these annuals are a sure-fire way of banishing those cold winter blues.

They can survive the cold and do well if planted in late winter so that they have established themselves by the time spring’s warmth triggers flowering time. When planting Petunias, whether in containers, window boxes or beds, placing them along a north-facing wall is preferable, as it will trap a lot of heat and light. This is a prime growing position for petunias and will encourage them to flower throughout winter and spring.

Petunias are easy to grow, maintain and they are generous bloomers. They are a welcome addition to most parts of the garden, but because of their profuse blooms, petunias are excellent in hanging baskets, either on their own or as a trailing plant in a mixed planting. 



No winter garden is complete without the delicate blooms of the Primula malacoides, aka Fairy Primrose. 

Fairy Primroses are perfect for shady areas although they can tolerate dappled morning sun. It is a plant that thrives in the cool, short days of winter and early spring.

 Available colours are white, lavender, mixed and purple. On the whole, the appearance of the Fairy Primrose is a dainty one. However, do not allow this delicate appearance to deceive you, they are sturdy plants and once established require very little attention.

They make for a wonderful display when mass planted, you can create a meadow in your own garden. Due to their height, they are a good filler for the middle section of your flower beds. 


Winter annuals add instant colour to the garden & are great value for money!

Pansy, Poppy, Primula & Petunia will put vibrant colour into the garden

and will provide cheer throughout winter into early spring.

Available in trays of 6, 30, 128 & Colour pots





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